In Depth: Mark Shepard

Untitled-7Tell us about your character.
Herr Schaaf tutors the young boy Kolya in German. I don’t think Herr Schaaf is much like me, at least I hope not. But that’s the fun of acting, playing a character that is very different from me.

What is your greatest challenge with this show?
Mastering a German accent.

James has talked about DESIRE as being a word that is intrinsic to the play. As you are going through rehearsals how have you approached this or come to see it in the play and your character?
Herr Schaaf’s “desire” is much more carnal than social. He’s a horny old goat.

What do you hope audience members come away from the show with? 
I hope they learn that times may change, but human nature does not. There are universal themes in this play that have nothing to so with the time and place in which the play is set.

What have been some of your favorite previous productions?
Arthur the police detective in the modern drama Jericho Road Improvement Association at the Phoenix Theatre in San Francisco. Birdboot in Tom Stoppard’s The Real Inspector Hound at Masquers Playhouse in Pt. Richmond. Patalone in the Commedia dell’arte The Servant of Two Masters at College of Marin. The Mayor of Whoville in Seussical The Musical with the Stapleton Theatre Company in San Anselmo.

A Month in the Country opens Friday, March 13 and runs through Sunday, April 12th. Buy tickets here.


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