A Note from the Director

joanne-200x300 “How to describe The Clean House? A Portuguese cleaning woman, the progression of dust, medieval love songs about surgery? Its disparate elements make it impossible to conveny the elegant beauty, the simple joy, and the tragic humanity of this play. If you want to believe the world is awful, well, there’s plenty of evidence to prove your point. But, there is just as much evidence to the contrary. Life holds such sublime beauty, such sheer, absurd fun, such glorious music and delicious flavors. Everyone is a mess, broken, needy, and frightened. We may not ever fully understand the jokes life plays on us. So maybe it’s better to just have a good laugh, go apple picking, and eat homemade chocolate ice cream.

I have loved exploring this play with this wonderful and talented cast, and design team. It is a joy to be reminded every day to embrace the messiness of life – to let go, and dive in. Many thanks to the RVP staff and volunteers for this wonderful opportunity to share this play with you.”

JoAnne Winter (Director) is a Bay Area director and actor. In 1993 she co-founded Word for Word Performing Arts Company, a theatre company that creates performances from short fiction and poetry. In the past 22 years, as Co-Artistic Director, she has produced over 100 shows and readings, as well as performed and directed for both Word for Word and other Bay Area theaters. She is also the director of Youth Arts, Word for Word’s arts education program and has produced 10 years of the YA School & Library Tour. She oversees scores of WfW workshops with students in Bay Area schools. As a WfW actor, she has originated roles in 36 Stories by Sam Shepard, In Friendship, John Steinbeck’s The Pastures of Heaven (a co-production with Cal Shakes and Octavio Solis), Three On a Party, Three Blooms, among many others. As a director, her favorite shows include Word for Word’s Wants and A Conversation With My Father by Grace Paley, Spring Rain by Bernard Malamud, and Ancestor by Greg Sarris. She is very pleased to be making her RVP debut with this lovely play by Sarah Ruhl.


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