Meet the Director: Robin Hood

Kurt-Wobken---CrisCassell.jpgNOTES FROM THE DIRECTOR Who doesn’t know the timeless tale of Robin Hood as legend has it, the nobleman turned hero to the underclass and underdog, the man who “robbed from the rich and gave to the poor.“ He was the ethical criminal and thief “feared by the bad, loved by the good.”

We admire Robin Hood for his boldness in “redistributing the wealth.” We envy his defiance and rebellious outlaw freedom. He was a trickster who defeated his opponents not only with his skill in archery and swordplay, but also with his mocking wit, a symbol of justice and equity in the face of greed and tyranny.

No story of a hero is complete without a proper villain, the wicked Sheriff of Nottingham, who serves the evil Prince John. Or a romantic love interest in the person of Maid Marian, who when used as a decoy to bait and capture Robin Hood, falls in love with him at first sight, as he does with her. They truly meet their match in each other.

Add to this swashbuckling tale the raucous humor with which playwright Greg Banks infuses his version of Robin Hood, the loveable characters that populate Robin’s world, and plenty of excitement and audience involvement, and you have the perfect light entertainment for a summer’s evening at the Barn.

The concept for this production was inspired by Ron Krempetz’ delightful set design, with which he creates the 2D world of storybooks. This idea carried over into costumes and props, and sound design as well, reflecting the way that children manifest the world of their imagination by endowing whatever objects they have on hand. The story spills forth from the trunks downstage as from the wagons of the traveling players of old, across the stage and down into the house, and you see the transformation of character and place before your very eyes.

With our talented design team, able production crew, and energetic and inventive company of young actors who play multiple roles in this production, it has been a joyful experience bringing this classic tale to the stage. We hope you and yours have as much fun entering into the world of Robin Hood as we have!

Cris Cassell (Director) has worked as a theatre artist for over 25 years as an actor, di-
rector, and acting coach. She has directed shows for S.F. Fringe Festival, Bay Area One-
Act (BOA) Festival, C.A.F.E. at the Next Stage, San Francisco Theatre Festival, Thrillped-
dlers, Marin Fringe Festival at Dominican University, and Ross Valley Players RAW. This is her 15th production with RVP, prior to which she directed Arms and the Man, Enchanted April, The Night of the Iguana, Doubt, Top Girls, and A View From the Bridge, to name a few. Cris coordinates RVP’s Senior Play Reading Program at Villa Marin. She served as president of the board of RVP from 2012 to 2015, and stepped down from the board this June after six years of service. Cris is in her 18th year as an instructor of acting, speech, and theatre history at Academy of Art University in San Francisco.

ROBIN  HOOD opens July 15 and runs through August 14, 2016. Tickets are available HERE.


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